In Defense of…Open Storage

I’m starting a new series called “In Defense of…”. I’m hoping that it will address some of those most basic things we do, and make them seem less like, well, faux pas (I’m talking things like daytime sequins, or dirty hair, or being ‘that girl’ who is always in high pigment lipstick). Today’s defense? Open storage solutions. Some people might consider it to be just plain messy to have all of your things out on display all the time i.e. your mom, roommate, husband, what have you. Here’s the thing though, some of us live on postage stamp sized real-estate and some of us (me) live in converted dining rooms without giant closets to hold all of our goods. Thus, some of us (me) have to think about alternatives to conventional storage.

I think the first time I realized it was okay to have the things I like most out was when I saw a piece on The Selby on Kate and Andy Spade’s home in NYC. They have amazing property and keep all of their stuff out all the time. It’s not even all expensive stuff, but most of it looks like it has a sentimental connection. Thus, please enjoy a selection of my (low-budget) items on display in a very Kate and Andy way.

Furthermore, check out this great series that Sous Style has done on how to “Organize the Chaos”, for which I am forever grateful, where people who seem to have their shit together explain how they do it!


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