99% Problems…Receipt woes


The three things you’re not supposed to talk about : Politics (well, it’s an election year…), Religion (it’s an ELECTION YEAR), and Money (ehh…who wants to do that when you could, y’know, not?) For everyone’s comfort, lets just talk about my money for a minute.

When I was in high school I remember asking if I could take a home economics course, and being told that my school no longer offered it because it was sexist. Fine. I taught myself to cook, to clean, to sew, but budgeting? Maybe not. College doesn’t teach you either. You don’t so much learn to budget as you do to just be poor. Living in abject collegiate poverty, it turns out, is not the same thing. Thus, once in a while, during a very adult cleaning spree I come across a tumbleweed of receipts, that I, apparently, shuffled from place to place for who knows how long.

Do you have a budget? Does anyone really stick to their budget 100% of the time? Or, do you come across a menacing pile of receipts just waiting to ruin your day, like me? Does everyone just rely on Mint.com anymore? Sigh, maybe it’s time for one of those old fashioned accordion folders…


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